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Online Lotto Australia – Play Lotto Online

Charlie Whitehall | January 6, 2023 | Updated on: April 23rd, 2024

online-lotto-1Australian gamblers are spoilt for choice when it comes to online lotto. There are several types of lotto online tickets that you can purchase right from your smartphone. Become an instant millionaire by playing online lotto. One ticket can change your life forever.

Discover the different ways that you can play and win huge jackpots. Play games like bingo, keno, and scratchies at the best online lottery sites.

Buy Lotto Online in Australia


$10 000 Bonus

99% Payout

Rating: 4.2/5

99% Payout

$10 000 Bonus 99% Payout - Rating: 4.2/5

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97% Payout

$2000 Bonus 97% Payout - Rating: 4.9/5

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$6750 Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.9/5

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Online Lottery Australia – How does it Work?

Online lottery sites in Australia are owned by two operators. These are the Tatts Group and NSW Lotteries. The AU government monitors the sales of lottery tickets, particularly Oz Lotteries which sells online lotto tickets.

There are several online lotto sites that Aussie players can access to enjoy unique lottery games that offer instant wins with life-changing jackpots. If you are looking for legit online lotto sites for Aussie players, our list of recommended casinos is fully vetted and licensed.

Play Lotto Online in Australia

Australian lotto online offers the best jackpots with huge prizes such as instant cash, cars and homes to be won. You can play the lotto online every week. Here are the different types of lotto online games that you can expect to find.

Monday Lotto

Monday Lotto uses 45 balls with 8 numbers being drawn. The last 2 numbers act as complementary numbers that can give players a boost in winning. The first 6 numbers are known as the winning numbers and the supplementary number offers lower end prizes.

All you have to do to stand a chance to win is choose 6 numbers you think the Monday Lotto machine will roll out.

Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto was introduced in 1994 and is drawn every Tuesday. This draw has 9 balls that are drawn from a 45-ball barrel. 7 balls are considered the main winning numbers with the last 2 being the supplemental numbers. The largest Oz Lotto jackpot to be won to date is $100 000 000. This was won in December 2013.

Wednesday Lotto

Working similarly to Monday Lotto, the draw takes place on a Wednesday with winning combinations being split the same way. You also don’t have to match all the numbers to win.

Saturday Lotto

Like the Monday and Wednesday Lotto, players simply pick 6 numbers from 1 and 45. The amount of money and prizes won is dependent on the number of ticket sales and winners. Saturday Lotto is played in Western Australia and New South Wales. Other lotto games played in other states include TattsLotto, X Lotto and Gold Lotto.

Lotto Strike

New South Wales Lotteries operates the Lotto Strike played in New South Wales and Tasmania. Other Australian states play the substitute game which is known as Super 66. If no one wins, the prize money is rolled over to the next draw.


As one of Australia’s biggest lotto games, it has recorded one of the biggest Jackpot wins. In Powerball, two sets of numbers are drawn using two different machines. The first set of numbers ranges from 1 to 40. The second machine has 20 balls.

Eight numbers in total are drawn from the machines: 7 from the first and 1, the Powerball number, from the second. If you match all 8 numbers, you instantly hit the jackpot.

Lucky Lotteries

Lucky Lotteries consist of the Mega Jackpot and Super Jackpot raffles. These are managed by the Tatts Group.

Set for Life

The Tatts Group introduced the Set for Life Lotteries in 2015. The game allows Aussie gamblers to play their numbers across 7 days draws on consecutive days because it is played every night during the week. To win, players have to draw 7 numbers ranging between 1 and 44.

The Pools

The Pools lotteries are administered by the South Australian Lotteries. Players must match all 6 numbers in order to win the first prize division. As a soccer pool lottery, the results are based on Australian and European soccer matches. Every week, there are 38 matches that are listed, and players must choose 6 numbers from the range.

Global Lotteries

Online casinos also offer Aussie gamblers the chance to play non-Australian lotteries and win huge jackpot prizes.

Other lottery-style casino games the Aussies can enjoy include online keno, online bingo, and scratch cards.

Online Lotto Syndicate

Avid lotto players can create an online lotto syndicate where they can share the cash prize of the shared winning ticket. In an online lotto syndicate, strangers or even a group of friends put money together to purchase tickets to several online lotto games and share the winnings according to the rules of the syndicate.

How to Buy Lotto Tickets Online

The process of buying an online lotto ticket is quick and simple. The benefit of playing online is that you can play from your mobile device and not travel great distances. Below are the steps that you can follow in order to buy online lotto tickets:

  1. Sign up at a reputable online casino.
  2. Deposit funds into your casino account using your preferred banking method.
  3. Select your lucky numbers using the quick pick option. You can do this manually or let the random number generator pick your numbers.
  4. Check your lotto ticket to see if you have the winning numbers.
  5. Go on and fetch your winnings from the casino.

How to Check My Lotto Ticket Online

There are several ways in which you can pick your winning lotto online numbers. The first is one is that you can check at the online lotto retailer by clicking on the ‘results’ tab for the game you’re looking for.

The second option is to receive your lotto results using your email if you have signed up to an online casino site. If you have won, a lotto online agent will contact you and let you know.

Collecting your Cash – How to Claim Online Lottery Winnings

When it comes to claiming your lottery winnings, you can claim online, depending on where you have purchased your ticket online. The player’s winnings are deposited directly into your account in a day. Players are also informed via email that they have won.

Lottery agents have a guideline that they follow that helps them assist players when they have won. These processes are different for each game, state and lottery company.


FAQs about Online Lottery Australia

Can I buy national lottery tickets online in Australia?

Yes, you can buy lottery tickets online using a lottery website or casino.  Popular lotto online games that Aussie players can find include Powerball, Oz Lotto, Saturday, Wednesday, and Monday lotto.

Which is the best online lotto in Australia?

Powerball is considered the best online lotto in Australia. They have given the biggest jackpot prize in the lottery’s history. Three players were awarded an AU$150 million jackpot prize in 2019.

How do you play the lottery for beginners?

Beginners can play the lottery at any of the recommended casinos on our list. All you must do is sign up, deposit funds into your account, choose a lotto game and select numbers. If you match the numbers drawn, you will win.

Has anyone won the lottery playing online?

Yes, there are several players that have won the lotto playing online. Most lottery sites share the details of players that win their most recent jackpot.

Is it better to play lottery online?

The lottery is a game of chance. So, whether you play online or purchase a ticket at a participating retail outlet.

Is it a waste of money to play the lottery?

Playing the lottery only becomes a waste of money if you don’t ever win anything. However, you do still stand a chance to win when playing.